Oh Genius - Just Vibe With It (feat. SkyBlew & Tsilla)
posted 22 Feb 2019 by Krister Axel
An easy minute of letting the melody take you away.

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It’s all about the flow - what I love most about this kind of Conscious Hip-Hop is the free exchange of ideas, and the thought that someone can listen to this, and pull a bunch of images out of the soup, and someone else can listen and hear something totally different.

I also love the sense of honesty here, and what jumped out first for me was this simple nugget about the state of love in the world:

“Love’s been forsaken
empathy is a lost memory”— Oh Genius

The vibe of this whole playlist is something like that, about finding some new inspiration from our surroundings through the power of observation and following our instinct. Just Vibe With It, the latest from Oh Genius, is an easy minute of letting the melody take you away.

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