Romantic Folk Pop for Fans of Ed Sheeran - Peter Olsen: Daydream
posted 07 Jun 2020 by Krister Axel
A worthy ode to the transformative power of true love.

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Peter Olsen is a drummer, songwriter, and composer from Melbourne, Australia. His work has appeared on networks such as BBC News, CBS News, E News, VOX TV, DIY, RTL, NDR, WE, as well as on The Bachelor (Germany) and House Hunters.

His latest EP "Song of Love and Death" is out now, and features lead single "Daydream." By day Peter works as a Music Therapist for children with special needs, and by night he writes and records original songs. His musical aesthetic mixes elements of singer-songwriter, folk, and indie pop, delivering an organic, acoustic-forward experience that checks in somewhere between Ed Sheeran and early John Mayer. With an easy falsetto and an uplifting, wistful sense of romance, "Daydream" is a worthy ode to the transformative power of true love.

My baby looks like a daydream
High up there on the big screen
How did I get so damn lucky
that I'm the one you want?

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