World Music Roots Jam. - Introducing Rastaino: Never The Right Time
posted 25 Jan 2021 by Krister Axel
Explores the need to resist, and work harder than ever before, in the hope of creating a future we can be proud of.

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Fresh from the cultural melting-pot of Los Angeles, Rastaíno drops a 3-song EP of post-reggae world grooves. Songwriter and producer Angel Roché Jr. teamed up with Carlton Santa Davis and Gabrial McNair, along with contributions from Victor Brodén, Eric Klerks, Takeshi Akimoto and Hailey Davis, to deliver a melange of Funk, Jazz, and Afrobeat that pays homage to the rhythmic legacy of Fela Kuti.

"Never the Right Time" opens with a taíno language phrase - Ocama (Listen), Ké (Earth and/or Land), and Datiao (I am a friend) - that makes peace with our terrestrial home. This thoughtful track layers a horn section and bass pocket from McNair over a fresh poly-rhythm from Roché and Carlton Santa Davis, adding beautiful layers of vocal harmony from Hailey Davis (no relation). The result is a quick-moving, cynical take on the double standards for social justice and 'failed systems' that have gotten us to this point in our journey as a species. "Never The Right Time" explores the need to resist, and work harder than ever before, in the hope of creating a future we can be proud of.

Los Angeles producer and songwriter Angel Roché Jr. joins legendary reggae drummer Carlton "Santa" Davis, (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Ziggy Marley, King Tubby) and trombonist/multi-instrumentalist Gabrial McNair (No Doubt, Lenny Kravitz, Tegan & Sara, Sublime w/ Rome) in support of new musical collective Rastaíno pronounced rasta-eeno). The band name is a play on Santa's Rasta background and Roché's indigenous Carribean / Taíno roots.

Debut EP out now via Avian Recording Company.

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