Alt Country Crooner from Melbourne Drops New Single. - Riley Catherall: Leave Me Out to Dry
posted 29 Jul 2020 by Krister Axel
Even in our moments of weakness, we can choose to see something beautiful.

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We've written about Riley before. Riley Catherall is an Americana-influenced singer and songwriter based in Melbourne, with a warm, fluttering alt-country croon that is full of hooks and pathos-inflected vibrato. "Leave Me Out To Dry" is an ode to the perpetually damp towels that are left, neglected on the line, in winter.

This self-deprecating folk track explores a version of Riley that stumbles his way through the streets of Melbourne, challenging the world not to get too close. With an acoustic-friendly style that might remind you of Jason Isbell, or Caroline Spence, Riley has casually built a reputation as a one of Australia's most promising songwriters. In anticipation of a record release set for later in the year, Catherall is ready for his signature mix of folk and roots music to connect with a larger audience. Gifted with a natural tone that is both inviting and vulnerable, Catherall extends an empathetic safe-space to the dreamers among us. Even in our moments of weakness, we can choose to see something beautiful.

Riley's band consists of: Alex Warren on drums, Joel Loukes on Bass, Ryan Hillam on guitars, and Gabrielle Parker on keys and backing vocals.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist, and episode 2 of The Weekly Catch.

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