Folk-Rock Reinvented. - Saintseneca: Wait A Minute
posted 30 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
Isolates the pathos inherent to life itself: everything we love, we will lose.

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With the metallic sound of a resonator guitar, a mandolin, and his gritty tenor vocal, Saintseneca reconstructs a bluegrass classic: The Seldom Scene's Wait a Minute from their 1974 album Old Train. Stripping away the mellow tones of the Weissenborn, the Country flavor from the original track turns to a Blues focus, while preserving the dual folk-cornerstones of the plucked high-notes and proud membership in the no-drums-club.

In a rare showing of authentic mojo in the cover-song space, Saintseneca brings this bittersweet visitation with a raw sense of longing into an alt-country production, along with a touching vocal performance. In extending the pain-of-separation between two soulmates, Wait A Minute isolates the pathos inherent to life itself: everything we love, we will lose.

It’s a gorgeous modern visitation with the concept of reinvention, by which Saintseneca (aka Zac Little) lays the foundation for his fourth release. With Pillar of Na, Little seeks to bring the idiom of folk-rock into a space that is yet to be explored; and with his new single Wait A Minute, he does just that.

Columbus, OH folk-punk band Saintseneca’s fourth album is Pillar of Na, arriving in late summer via ANTI- Records. This song is featured on our Country playlist.

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