Guitar Driven Rock and Folk from the Streets of Brooklyn. - Skinny Dippers: Night To Day
posted 21 May 2022 by Krister Axel
A soundtrack for the moment we become one with the city—relinquishing control of our heart and mind to the forces of love and destiny.

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Skinny Dippers is an indie rock band formed in 2020 based in Brooklyn, NY. Fronted by singer and songwriter Ryan Gross, he enlisted the help of neighbors Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez of the band TOLEDO to join as collaborators and producers on his debut album "The Town & The City." Growing up on the coast of Maine, Ryan was quickly immersed in the visceral and roots-heavy indie rock of the region. The band now pulls from a number of influences including artists like Hovvdy, TOLEDO, The Shins, and Stephen Malkmus.

"Night To Day" features a signature blend of guitar-driven rock and folk with hints of Lo Fi pop, as Ryan explores the metaphor of how the day turns to night—and the emotional parallels between romantic connection and the rise and fall of the sun and moon. With a style of songwriting that is both intimate and openly accessible, the music of Skinny Dippers captures fleeting personal moments and turns them into a universal celebration of life. A prominence of analog synthesizers and choral harmonies, blended against a powerful backdrop of crunchy electric guitar, allows "Night To Day" to serve both as an ode to Brooklyn, and as a soundtrack for the moment we become one with the city—relinquishing control of our heart and mind to the forces of love and destiny.

I've been losing a lot of sleep
We've been staying up late
Telling stories, talking into the night
As we wait for the light of day
There's a stillness that's in the air
It's like the time just waits
But now my mind is floating off on a cloud
And my heart starts to race
And you tell me I'm the speck of pulp on the orange peel rind
But I'm thinking you're the Brooklyn bridge lit up at night
And you're shining like the spark that lights the candle's flame
As sleepless Brooklyn makes its way from night to day

And I can't tell you
Just how I'm feeling
'Cause I don't want to change the things that you and I will do
I'll keep believing
In what I'm seeing
The night just turns me on and now I'm stuck in it with you

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