Hip Hop Doo Wop. - Stoop Kids: Toss and Turn
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posted 16 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Daft Punk does a boozy brunch with Brian Wilson.

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For indie-pop outfit Stoop Kids, their latest single Toss and Turn is meant to blend the sounds of classic doo-wop and surf with the sounds of new age and hip hop. The up-beat, danceable feel and syrupy guitars work with the slap-bass to deliver a toe-tapper just in time for summer.

With hundreds of shows booked over the last few years, and shout-outs from Atwood Magazine and Pigeons & Planes, Stoop Kids are bringing hip-hop doo-wop to the masses with a groove that feels like Daft Punk doing a boozy brunch with Brian Wilson. Their music is generational; they incorporate timeless sensibilities with accessible, catchy melodies, and their Spotify star ls clearly on the rise. With their latest track Toss and Turn, Stoop Kids have created a psychedelic conglomeration of genres that both honors and reinvents their musical past.

Stoop Kids is an indie-pop quintet from New Orleans. They are fronted by Griffin Dean, whose many hats include lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and rapper. The rest of the band consists of Thomas Eisenhood on baritone saxophone and harmonies, Sam Fruend on bass and harmonies, David Paternostro on guitar and keys, and Joe Tontillo on drums. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

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