Electro Pop from San Francisco Chronicles a Failed Romance. - SUMif: Collide (Music Video)
posted 02 Mar 2020 by Krister Axel
A rugged electronic pulse shines through the dreamy hooks, as Steph Wells salvages a vibrant catharsis from the wreckage of lost love.

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In the wake of a whirlwind romance, Steph Wells of the San Francisco-based electro-pop project SUMif is just now reaching personal equilibrium. In anticipation of her debut album release, she unleashes "Collide" and begins to chronicle the heartbreaking affair in bold and steamy detail. Exuding a delicate sensuality, "Collide" explores the first time Steph met this person who changed the way she looks at love and connection.

SUMif's journey as a young queer female artist hasn’t always been easy, but her strength of character and a commitment to the craft of songwriting has always pulled her through hard times. Raised in LA on Sheryl Crow and pop punk, Wells started her musical journey when she moved to New York City to study music business at NYU. After graduation, she headed to the songwriting mecca of Nashville to expand her sonic palette. Eventually, Steph longed to return to California, but Los Angeles just didn't feel right. The Bay Area has always had a reputation for empowering young musicians, while the proximity to nature and natural beauty of San Francisco proved impossible to resist. Steph traded in her acoustic guitar for midi controllers, and immediately felt welcome in her new home.

SUMif is augmented onstage by synth/guitarist Rahi Kumar, and since inception has opened for VÉRITÉ, Morgxn, Ella Vos, Classixx, Lauv, and Little Boots, among many others. Their energetic live performance has been praised by local tastemakers like The Bay Bridged and SF Critic. "Collide" is paired with a stunning video that is equally erotic and surreal, mixing moments of abstract isolation and personal soul-searching with romantic images of the beach at sunset. A rugged electronic pulse shines through the dreamy hooks, as Steph Wells salvages a vibrant catharsis from the wreckage of lost love.

You show up at my front door
Your eyes look like they knew me
Feels like we’ve been here before
I don’t know how you do it
All my armor on the floor
I’m not afraid of losing
But I’m losing it

The name 'SUMif' is pinched from an Excel function as a nod to Steph’s inner nerd. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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