Michigan Power Trio Collaborates with Folk Legend. - The Accidentals: Remain the Same
posted 04 Apr 2022 by Krister Axel
A fitting tribute to the wistful power of childhood memory and the loved ones we have left behind.

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The Accidentals are a female-fronted, multi-instrumentalist power trio from Michigan with amazing voices and a story to tell. Co-lead singer Sav lost her childhood friend to suicide in October of 2019, and took a long time to process it. After feeling cut off from her feelings and struggling to reignite her passion for music, she connected (through her booking agency) with folk legend Tom Paxton and found an instant chemistry. "Remain the Same" was the first-ever co-write between The Accidentals and Paxton, and it covers the range of emotions that come from grief. It is at once poignant and celebratory, recognizing that weird emotional cocktail of pain and joy that comes with remembering someone in all their humanness.

The Accidentals have proven to be one of the hardest working bands on the indie Folk and Americana circuit in recent years, following up on the success of their debut album, Odyssey—released by Sony Masterworks—with two-hundred days of national touring, seventeen festivals, sync placement with Turner Classic Movies, FOX sports, and a RAM Trucks BANDvan #tourtough commercial. Their energetic and roots-driven delivery shares duties across acoustic and electric guitar, various stringed instruments like cello and violin, as well as an assortment of orchestral and world staples like accordion and glockenspiel. But the musical centerpiece for The Accidentals is clearly their wealth of songwriting talent as it combines with a beautiful synergy of lyrical and vocal presence, which finds Sav and Katie singing together with a palpable chemistry worthy of the Indigo Girls. "Remain the Same" is a fitting tribute to the wistful power of childhood memory and the loved ones we have left behind.

Savannah 'Sav' Buist – lead vocals, violin, viola, ukulele, acoustic/electric guitar, bass, piano, mandolin and musical saw.
Katie Larson – lead vocals, accordion, acoustic/electric guitar, cello, ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, bass and kazoo.
Michael Dause – drums, percussion, vocals, guitar.

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