Controlled Indie Rock Chaos from Bristol for Fans of Radiohead & Garbage. - The Desert: Disappearing Act
posted 03 Jun 2020 by Krister Axel
Delivers a dark brew of nervous energy, visceral temptation, and bold intent.

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Following a year of writing, 2020 sees The Desert begin a fresh release campaign with new single "Disappearing Act." They are a 4-piece art-pop band from Bristol in the UK.

Frontwoman Gina Leonard’s powerful vocal performance recalls the raw potency of Shirley Manson, and shines through a custom distortion effect to lead the hypnotic rock-narrative from sparse, industrial groove to an all-in catharsis of beautiful noise. At the hand of legendary producer Steve Osborne, this indie rock burner seethes with pulsating rhythm and controlled chaos, as the layers of electric guitar take increasing control of the dynamic soundscape. With lyrics that explore the complicated interplay between passionate recollection and romantic temperance, "Disappearing Act" delivers a dark brew of nervous energy, visceral temptation, and bold intent. Symphonic acoustics come courtesy of Tom Fryer and Ryan Rogers, while the rhythmic palpitations extend from the mind of Jonny Parry. If Garbage and Radiohead spent a turbulent night together in the wilds of Joshua Tree, The Desert might emerge from that dusty fever-dream.

I’m doomed
and dumb
I’m done with.
Prove me wrong
I need rewiring
Turn me on again
I've been dying for him
Wanna be living for you

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