Groovy Soul Pop from Orlando and Berlin. - The Lovelines: Make Believe
posted 26 Mar 2023 by Krister Axel
A vibe that is distinct and passionate, with equal servings of slick groove and hummable melody for fans of stylish retro pop.

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We've written about The Lovelines before—last summer, in fact. They are a band based in both Orlando, Florida, and Berlin, Germany. Despite being split between two continents, the brother and sister duo enjoy creating music together. Their sound combines elements of modern soul and acid jazz with a backbone of indie pop—along with a tropical flourish that feels both modern and slightly mysterious.

On their latest track "Make Believe," we are immediately engaged with a melodic figure on the slide guitar that conjures images of palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze, along with touches of harpsichord and an easy groove with hints of a jazz shuffle. To my ears, the secret sauce here is the merging of an atmospheric, almost decadent mood with the soft flourish of Tessa's vocal talent. Drawing inspiration from Bedroom/Dream Pop, Lo-Fi, and Jazz, The Lovelines have captured a sound that speaks equally to the scattered feathers of beach grass on the Atlantic coast as it does the murky grooves spilling out of a nightclub on Badensche strasse. "Make Believe" delivers a vibe that is distinct and passionate: with equal servings of slick groove and hummable melody for fans of stylish retro pop.

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The Lovelines are Todd Goings and Tessa D.

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