LA Indie Electronic. - White Elephant Orchestra: Revolution Superstar
posted 06 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
A bright statement about what is possible when we let ourselves dream.

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Two decades after his first record deal, Andy Stochansky returns with a new indie-electronic project called White Elephant Orchestra. The first single, Revolution Superstar, is dedicated to the bold heroes that are no longer with us, in a time when we desperately need agents for meaningful change.

Stochansky’s life and career have been full of music and performance, from starting out as in-demand live drummer to the clubs of downtown Toronto, through the years of touring with Ani DiFranco on drums, and his solo releases for RCA Victor, the style here is touched with a sense of passion and electricity, fusing indie and electronic genres with a little bit of old-school glam. The result carries the messianic urgency of a Jesus Christ Superstar into the modern world of digital esoterica, and leaves us with the delicious dream of electing leaders that are willing to lead. Revolution Superstar is a bright statement about what is possible when we let ourselves dream.

Superhero diamond heart
The spotlights on and burning
Tell us that you’re returning

Blessed with musical virtuosity and raw charisma, Andy has become a sought-after commodity, both in his native Canada and across the globe. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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