Lofi Synthetic Beats from Los Angeles. - Introducing Wizard Death: hvn
posted 17 Jul 2022 by Krister Axel
This hazy instrumental will open your mind to the possibility of spiritual evolution.

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This Los Angeles-based musician and producer took the name Wizard Death as a way of emphasizing the focus of his music—which is to hypnotize and heal. With dreamy downtempo music and electronic beats, his consistent stylistic signature is both ethereal and minimalist.

Latest track "hvn" is a soothing tonic of heartbeat kick drum, faint melodies from the piano, and smooth cascades of arpeggiated synth. Both introspective and vibrant, this meditative track delivers an enticing hint of what to expect from Wizard Death's fourth full-length project, slated for release later this summer. With lofi, synthetic beats leading the way, this hazy instrumental will open your mind to the possibility of spiritual evolution—as you navigate your own path towards a higher plane of existence.

Wizard Death releases have been highlighted by the SiriusXM Chillhop Channel, Dave Koz's SiriusXM Watercolors show, Youtube's Lofi Lounge playlist, and many major independent publications and Spotify playlists.

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