Yam Haus - The Thrill
posted 28 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Wherein we decide whether or not we deserve to be as happy as we want to be.

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Minneapolis-based pop band Yam Haus released their debut album, Stargazer, on June 8, 2018. The sound is primarily a mix of punchy pop, old-school rock, sensitive folk, and hip-hop grooves, while lead vocalist Lars Pruitt collaborates with producer Mark Heimermann to write songs that reflect on a difficult past, and the daily effort to find meaning in the midst of pain.

It is the struggle that makes us who are, and the takeaway emotion from this synth-bass disco groove is simply the search for something new, and the process of turning boredom into passion. With their new single The Thrill, Yam Haus does just that: the tedium of a simple night-out becomes an epic moment of self-examination, as we decide whether or not we deserve to be as happy as we want to be.

In a universe of stories left undone
can you believe that you’ve been given what you want?

Yam Haus formed after years of making music in high school. Their debut album was produced at Sevens-Gate Studio in Hudson, WI.

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