Hypnotic Electro Pop from Houston. - Zachary Knowles: ghost (Music Video)
posted 09 Feb 2020 by Krister Axel
Knowles adds a hypnotic lead vocal to the enduring image of being glued to your phone, waiting for a message that isn't coming.

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Zachary Knowles is a 19-year-old singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter from Houston, TX, who has spent his entire life making music. Zachary follows up on his 2018 EP "feelings" with a new single and music video for "ghost," his latest release. Taking influence from R&B, folk, and pop, Knowles has crafted a mix of styles that showcases both his unique lyrical voice and his knack for simple and effective hooks.

As he explores the modern dating-ritual of 'ghosting,' Knowles adds a hypnotic lead vocal to the enduring image of being glued to your phone, waiting for a message that isn't coming. In the worst of times, texting can be a lonely proposition.

Born and raised in Magnolia, Texas, Zachary Knowles took to music at an early age, when his parents gifted him a light-up keyboard in the first grade. For years he kept his passion to himself, while his musical performance skills were limited to singing in the car with his mom. Finally in seventh grade, he decided to perform Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" at a school talent show. Eventually Knowles transitioned into writing his own material, and he was pleasantly surprised at the many thousands of streams that his original songs found on SoundCloud almost immediately. Now signed to the prestigious FADER Label - home to Clairo, Matt & Kim - and opening for notable artists like Alec Benjamin, Zachary Knowles is ready to build on his previous success. "ghost" salvages an emotional catharsis from a series of one-sided interactions, leading to the logical conclusion that something is different. Hearts can change, and without daily reassurance, a relationship cannot last long. Zachary Knowles continues to speak to the realities of his generation, as he explores the indirect nature of our social constructs, and arrives at a quintessential place of loneliness. With equal parts sticky electronic groove and emotional honesty, we see that some things were not meant to be.

Maybe I'm overreacting
That's been known to happen

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