Electronic Alt Pop from London for Fans of Radiohead. - Zola Blood: Silver Soul
posted 05 May 2020 by Krister Axel
In love, the end is also a beginning.

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Following the release of their widely-acclaimed debut album "Infinite Games" in 2017, East London based quartet Zola Blood have been quietly working on new material. Their latest release "Silver Soul" explores the lingering, bittersweetness of a last goodbye: when you’ve outgrown something or someone, and the time has come to make a change.

Zola Blood's latest EP "Two Hearts" is set for release in the end of May via Akira Records, and their success to date is a testament to the depth, density, and trance-like quality of their production aesthetic and songwriting abilities. A delicate, falsetto-styled vocal tone that might remind you of Thom Yorke couples with an inviting balance of atmospheric electronica and deep synth-bass, offering a complex and spiritual moment of self-inspection. This futuristic production mixes electronic beats with a stunning sense of emotional authenticity, and delivers a welcoming experience of sudden empowerment. In love, the end is also a beginning.

A victory march as the blinds are open
But I don’t want to go down
Got myself lighter with a silver soul
Minds made up, we go slow
In the honest hours
I lose the horizon, getting home
As the end comes

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