A Short but Snappy Playlist for August.
posted 03 Sep 2022 by Krister Axel
Summer is almost over but the music goes on. My MVP for this month is Houndmouth.

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It's a short playlist this month, but it still packs a punch. I I think the problem is mainly that a lot of the submissions I got this month were sent in at a pretty low resolution, which means I can still feature them on the blog but I can't put them on a radio playlist with anything under 256kbps. The new submission platform is finally starting to pick up in terms of volume, so that's good. Sending me your songs through GETSEEN is always appreciated, and makes my life that much easier. Just remember that I typically only check for new listings over the weekend, and if you want your song to be put on our radio playlist it needs to be Hi-Res.

As I mentioned, my hands-down favorite this month is a band from New Albany, Indiana called Houndmouth. Their latest album was released towards the end of last year, so I'm a little late to the game, but it's still new to me and it's got that rootsy, natural flavor that reminds me of why I love music. The tones, the musicianship, and the writing speak for themselves. "Good for You" is available on Bandcamp and just sounds fantastic. Matt Myers has one of those plaintive, scraggly voices that just records really well and doesn't get in the way. Much recommended.

Other stand-outs for me, in terms of new music anyway, is Nettwerk's own Bre Kennedy, SYML, and soul purveyors The Never Ending Fall. Much of the rest of the music on this list falls under a more classic category, for people like Julien Baker and Noah Gundersen who have been on my radar for a while but I'm only just now circling back to their full catalog. That's it for now, enjoy the rest of your summer.

Zoe Keating - Optimist
Bre Kennedy - Ribbon
flipturn - Playground
Houndmouth - Cool Jam
Houndmouth - Good For You
Houndmouth - Goodbye
Houndmouth - McKenzie
Houndmouth - Miracle Mile
Julien Baker - Everybody Does
Julien Baker - Something
Mariel Buckley - Shooting at the Moon
Noah Gundersen - Fire
Noah Gundersen - Honest Songs
Scary Pockets - Build Me Up Buttercup (ft. Tema Siegel)
SYML - Lost Myself
The Never Ending Fall - Like She Does

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Cover photo of the Axel farm by Krister Axel.

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