Unforgettable Folk Pop from Newcastle. - Introducing Bree Rusev: What is Love
posted 30 Sep 2022 by Krister Axel
Combines organic elements of guitar and piano with the poetic lyricism of an old soul.

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Since winning the International Songwriting Competition Teen category in 2021 for her release 'Goodbye,' 19-year-old folk songwriter Bree has continued to impress with a confidence and style that is beyond her years. After picking up the guitar for the first time at age 14 in her native Australia, she was immediately drawn to the craft of songwriting and drew early inspiration from artists like Bon Iver and Ben Howard.

Her latest single 'What is Love' speaks to the emotional ambiguity that is so often an unwelcome component of romance, and benefits from a mix and production assist from Garrett Kato. With a natural talent for honest storytelling, vivid imagery, and a vocal presence that exudes warmth, Bree is certainly one to keep an eye on. Her music combines organic elements of guitar and piano with the poetic lyricism of an old soul as she delivers unforgettable folk-driven pop with a unique touch, drawn from the details of her own life.

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