Throwback Soul from Living Legend is Produced by Dan Auerbach. - CeeLo Green: Lead Me
posted 23 May 2020 by Krister Axel
Features a double-dose of CeeLo's signature vocal flair, alongside a heartwarming message of friendship and loving support.

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With a new single and full album produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, CeeLo Green is ready for cozying up to the spotlight once again. "Lead Me" harkens back to Al Green's classic gospel-meets-soul sound while at the same time feeling modern, and unique to CeeLo's own sense of creativity.

As an entertainer and businessman with many layers, CeeLo Green cannot be summed up in just one title. He is a five-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter-producer, television personality, actor, entrepreneur, pop culture & fashion icon, and professional lady killer. His voice is utterly recognizable, and his string of memorable performances is legendary - from appearances on Saturday Night Live, the Super Bowl, and Billboard Music Awards, to an on-stage jam at The Grammy Awards with the Muppets, CeeLo has done it all with a polished vocal tone and flamboyant personal style. "Lead Me" is a nod to his gospel roots, and features a double-dose of his signature vocal flair, alongside a heartwarming message of friendship and loving support. CeeLo Green is here to help us all keep it together - and we will do that by standing by each other.

What if we just kept on walkin’
And count the cracks along the ground
And quittin’ crossed my mind quite often
But we’ve come too far to turn around

CeeLo Green grew up in Atlanta, GA, where both of his parents were ordained ministers. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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