Nashville Rising Star Puts Spotlight on Juvenile Diabetes. - Drew Now: TYPE
posted 04 Dec 2022 by Krister Axel
This tribute to an amazing boyfriend will have you hugging your own sweet someone just a little bit tighter tonight.

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Formerly known as Leah Mathies, Drew Now is an artist and performer who grew up in northern Ontario on a farm with a view of the gorgeous Lake Huron. At the age of 21, she made her way to the America's Got Talent stage, showcasing both her versatility as a songwriter and her raw power as a vocalist.

Since her teens she has been making a home for herself in Nashville, and that Southern combination of warm hospitality and street-savvy grit has informed her evolution as a storyteller. Her latest single "TYPE" was written as an homage to her beloved boyfriend, and his lifelong experience coming to terms with Type 1 diabetes. The affection she has for him shines brightly as she lays out many of the details of living with 'juvenile diabetes,' concluding in her unique and enchanting way that true love will find the good in everything, while giving due credit to the resilience and creativity that has made her man the man he is.

Drew has a vocal personality that will keep you guessing. Her fans will find her at times harnessing the immense pop mojo of someone like Miley Cyrus, and at other times delivering a more restrained and delicate folk pop sensibility that brings to mind the soulful murmurs of Leigh Nash. One thing is clear: Drew Now lights up a room, and has the easygoing yet stunning presence of a star on the rise. This love letter to her beaux Ryan stands out as her best work yet, joining a god-given instinct for sticky melodies with an infectious sweetness that will have you hugging your own sweet someone just a little bit tighter tonight.

So I did a thing. I wrote this fun little upbeat love-song for my boyfriend and it became so much more; it's an anthem reminding people with a chronic disease that they are adorable. Lovable. Incredible. Worth fighting for... -- Drew Now

Never thought sugar free
Was ever going to taste this sweet

It’s an easy in
The requirements of loving him

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