Baltimore Writer and Performer Makes Soul Magic. - Imani Wj Wright: So I Thought
posted 14 Dec 2022 by Krister Axel
We are left to wonder why the end always comes too soon.

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Imani Wj Wright is a singer-songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and journalist from Baltimore, Maryland. He has made a name for himself by collaborating with high profile artists such as H.E.R., Mark Pelli, and Mr.Dalvin while writing for his blog Critiques by SwanoDown.

He is a former writer for The Baltimore Times and has been featured in Forbes India. Wright specializes in R&B and soul music and is best known as a songwriter for his track "So I Thought." This relaxed groove brings together a signature vocal style with a sparse rhythm section, creating an intense and visceral musical experience by aligning a stripped-down drum kit with a sticky riff on electric guitar and a languid, syncopated bass line. The result is a unique and intriguing slow jam that showcases Wright's versatility as both vocalist and lyricist. His performance here is as vulnerable as it is timeless: the mood takes on a life of its own as we enjoy a deep dive into the affliction known as love.

We are left to wonder why the end always comes too soon.

And I know
Because you told me so
Maybe not in your words
In the way you slur
The way you look at me sideways
Not the same way
Not the old way
And I thought I knew
I thought I knew

During his years at Carver Center for Arts and Technology Wright was voted Male Singer of the Year. He was offered a scholarship based on his talent by the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University, where he received intensive private lessons in Voice, Piano, and Music Theory.

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