LOONER [Soul Sessions] - If You'll Just Let Me Try
posted 19 Oct 2019 by Krister Axel
Brings the allure of sexual opportunism to a new set of young, impressionable ears.

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Soul Sessions – Songs from the Sound Gems Songbook, is a collection of vintage Philly Soul 45’s that have been given a fresh makeover by genre-shifting duo LOONER - we've covered them before here and here. After an intensive search, Frank Fioravanti, CEO and President of Sound Gems Records in Philadelphia, picked LOONER to update his favorite tracks from the Sound Gems catalog.

The original soul grooves and pop melodies caught fire with Looner’s own electronic aesthetic, bringing layers of atmospheric guitar next to an emotional sense of raw groove-making. On newest single If You'll Just Let Me Try LOONER lifts a timeless, vintage gem into the light for a new generation to enjoy. Soul Sessions simmers with the heritage of a lusty innocence as we revisit a time when only a handful of radio stations kept the world entranced by spinning new 45s around the clock. Now with a fresh mix of electro-pop vocal and laser-etched guitar, If You'll Just Let Me Try brings the allure of sexual opportunism to a new set of young, impressionable ears.

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