Los Angeles Songwriter Goes Viral With Game Trailer From Dog POV.
posted 20 Aug 2023 by Krister Axel
"Lead Me" from the Remnant 2 Trailer (via Gearbox SF & Gunfire Games) performed by A.Roc Beta.

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Angel Roche Jr. is a drummer, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer who loves to perform with his wife in the band LOONER. In his neighborhood near Los Angeles, he connected with a representative from Gearbox at a school event for his daughter, and soon found himself producing music to accompany the announcement trailers for their new game Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 dropped on July 25th and sold a million copies in 4 days. The announcement trailer Angel had worked on debuted @ the 2022 Game Awards to a live-stream audience of 103 million! There is a behind the scenes vid of that project available here.

The next trailer was his wife Zoë's idea. There's a dog in the game and she thought it would be funny if they did a trailer from the dog's point of view. Gearbox thought it was a cool idea also, and created a new trailer from the dog's pov, but had "I Will Follow You into the Dark" as the song (a popular song by Death Cab for Cutie which was a great fit but 'licensing fees were enormous.')

Angel was challenged to make something else work. He was inspired.

Let me write a song that will fit just as well if not better. - Angel Roche Jr., aka A.Roc Beta

The very next day, Zoë wakes up with the melody almost fully realized. Lyrically, my client had entered info about the game into some AI platform and asked for song lyrics and I used those results as my library for the verses. A school dad friend of mine, Hunter Perrin, came over and played the guitar, I sang as my alter ego A.Roc Beta, and my trusted longtime (when I can afford him) engineer, Prince "Elwood" Strickland mixed and mastered in Portland.

The new 'Best Friends' trailer is available here, while Angel and Zoë are preparing a music video for their new viral hit, which will be shot from their donkey's point of view as they walk him through the neighborhood in Tarzana.

We'll post a link to that here as soon as it's ready. For now, you can visit Looner on Spotify or listen to "Lead Me" from A.Roc Beta here.

Lead Me

Written by: Angel Roché Jr. & Zoë Poledouris

performed by A.Roc Beta

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