Versatile Soul Pop from New Jersey Songwriter. - Matt Hartke: Life Is Strange
posted 17 May 2022 by Krister Axel
Strikes a lively pose with a nod to classic foot-stomping soul from the likes of Raphael Saadiq.

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New Jersey native Matt Hartke is a singer-songwriter and producer with a talent for releasing upbeat indie pop across a wide spectrum of genres. With writing credits for such diverse artists as Adam Lambert, Avicii, Cash Cash, and The Chainsmokers, he keeps busy with his own releases while also finding the time to be a dad. His 2016 release "Gold" has already racked up more than 28 million spins on Spotify and is a favorite on SiriusXM's The Coffeehouse.

Latest single "Life Is Strange" strikes a lively pose with a nod to classic foot-stomping soul from the likes of Raphael Saadiq, demonstrating how deep Hartke's versatility runs. Leading with a prominent hook on the bass guitar, Hartke builds on the cheerful energy with layers of airy vocal melody and plenty of guitar riffs. This ode to the magic of newfound personal chemistry is a perfect fit for the season as we move from the tentative joy of spring into the intoxicating heat of summer.

Caught a little wind, now we're sailing the seas
Look up to the stars 'cause they're winking at me
I long too
Man overboard, it's a hell of a sight
But why jump the plank when you're feeling alright
I want to

What's your name, city girl?
What's your name?
Life is strange, city girl
Life is strange

Hartke was raised in the shadow of New York City, in the small town of Verona, New Jersey. He later moved to Newport, Rhode Island and recorded a handful of early efforts that were influenced by Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and John Mayer.

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