Modern Pop from Montreal. - Nova Rose: Still Thinking of You
posted 24 Sep 2022 by Krister Axel
Nova Rose concocts a 'fun bop' that layers the sounds of modern pop against a musical persona that is holding space for a new generation.

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Born in Montreal, Nova Rose quickly acquired a love of music from her Egyptian-born father, who would play the guitar as she sang along every night before bed. This simple routine eventually transitioned into a passion for violin, guitar, and piano, as well as a lifelong obsession for singing and writing songs in both English and French. This natural bilingualism makes her music a perfect fit for the multicultural community of Montreal, such that Nova Rose has landed at #1 on Quebec radio stations, earned coveted industry titles, charted in the Top 40 at Billboard, and been featured on editorial playlists. Many of these accomplishments came along before Nova Rose had even graduated from university.

Latest track "Still Thinking of You" explores the overwrought days that come just after a break up: when a long distance divides two souls that were once in union, but now separated by both distance and the realization that the relationship itself was toxic. Coming to terms with the new reality, and reliving the painful details, extends directly from the need to find hope and redemption in an uncertain future. From this emotional brew, Nova Rose concocts a 'fun bop' that layers the sounds of modern pop against a musical persona that is holding space for a new generation. The songs that she writes are a reminder to herself and her listeners that life can be difficult at times, and we should always feel free to take a step back and self-assess. In her own words, it's ok to not be ok.

I remind myself I got your name
With an asterisk on my mind
I changed my clothes, my shoes
Every part of me
Even the haircut that you liked
I go out to chase you down like a waterfall
To forget all of the nights
But your impacting my distractions
And this distance is no good
Thinking that I'd be alright
But I'm fake smiling and I'm not good at lying
So here's the truth truth yeah
I'm still thinking of you
Still thinking of you
In this room room
I'm living with the ghost of you
The ghost of you

Nova Rose earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Cultural Studies, where she deepened her knowledge of the contexts in which her art could exist.

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Photo credit: Valerie Bourdon

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