Introducing Olive Louise: Moroccan Oranges
posted 03 Jun 2023 by Krister Axel
This vibrant yet poignant folk confessional touches on themes of inner strength and the importance of family.

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Olive Louise grew up in Kings Point, New York, spending her early years studying piano and violin under the tutelage of her mother who was lead pianist for the Long Island Philharmonic Orchestra. Her idyllic childhood included summers spent in Rhode Island learning how to sail, gardening, horseback riding, and generally coming to understand music from the parallel vantage points of personal spirituality and academic rigor. Olive's debut EP "275 Kings Point Road" was titled for the place where she grew up: the actual Main House of The Great Gatsby estate.

Touched by tragedy at a young age, Olive Louise lost both of her parents before the age of 15. "Moroccan Oranges" was written about the difficult process of keeping it together in the face of difficult times. This vibrant yet poignant folk confessional touches on themes of inner strength and the importance of family, as we explore the wistful recollections of Olive's past even as we enjoy the classical-adjacent temperament of her generous and capable voice. With the twin touch-points of a subtle vibrato and a jazz-tempered hand on the acoustic piano, "Moroccan Oranges" offers a worthy example of Olive's ability to be both completely candid and utterly vulnerable. Her affinity for an 'au naturel' look translates directly into her music, which ripples with waves of nostalgia and recalls the sonic footprint of her songbird sisters Florence Welch and London Grammar.

[This] song is about the summer I traveled to Morocco and Paris with my dad and sister after my mom passed away. Its about the dissonance I felt looking at my dad trying to hold it together and make us feel okay, knowing that even though we were seeing stunning views, and trying new foods, and were there together, we felt completely shattered.

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