Fresh Indie Pop from Australia. - Savagery: Laughter
posted 18 Feb 2023 by Krister Axel
An effervescent sound that will line up perspicuously for fans of Alvvays and Phoenix.

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When it comes to unique and innovative indie pop production, you can't do much better than the Australian scene. I've had my eye on Golden Vessel for a number of years now, and the expanded list of stand-outs from Perth to Brisbane, and everywhere in between, is truly stunning: Ruby Gill, Spacey Jane, Boo Seeka, Hannah Sands, The Paper Kites, Riley Catherall. For some reason the music that is coming out of Australia at the moment is both exceptional and a perfect fit for my aesthetic. A special shout-out to T Scarlett who is totally underrated in my opinion.

Australian newcomer Savagery has only released two songs so far, but already feels like a welcome and fitting extension to the creative pop landscape that he is emerging from. We were lucky enough to grab a copy of "Laughter," and this enigmatic pop shuffle was written as a reminder that disloyalty is a disaster for any relationship. You can laugh it off, but only for a short time. Described—quite appropriately—as fuzz pop music, gone awry, the aesthetic here combines slick elements of electric piano and synthesizer with a toe-tapping groove. The result is an effervescent sound that will line up perspicuously for fans of Alvvays and Phoenix, showcasing the best elements of electronic production, pop songcraft, and mid-tempo groove.

Close-knit, detailed
What’s entailed?
Asking for a
Pardon now
Desperate, shaken
Dizzy, taken
"Undone loving," who had said?

Don’t forget this time in the future
You’ll be laughing
On the verge of a tear
I’ll be elsewhere

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