Lively Electronic Soul from Seattle. - The BGP: Gravity
posted 24 Jul 2022 by Krister Axel
This mix of upbeat vibes and feel-good melodies always comes as the welcome addition to a busy day.

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We've written about The BGP before. They specialize in a mix of pop, rock, and soul music with a nod towards the dance floor and indie artists like Foster the People and The 1975. With intricate, infectious vocals and always a lively backbeat, they continue to innovate at the threshold of classic tones and modern aesthetics. Their now-legendary live show brings together impressive musicianship, effortless joy, and a love of human connection. The music of The BGP is meant primarily to bring us all together and facilitate a positive experience. To that end, their mix of upbeat vibes and feel-good melodies always comes as the welcome addition to a busy day.

The BGP is lead by 2 frontmen: Brandon Ghorley and Phinisey, while also featuring drummer Josh Demorow, guitarist Phil Hopper, and a regular cast of favorite local musicians from the Seattle area. "Gravity" is their latest single and finds them incorporating elements of synthpop with their signature funky guitar, in an extended metaphor about love and attraction as a proxy for the forces of nature. We love the bass line and the band's talent for continuous reinvention. This bouncy new track feels both familiar and fresh as The BGP appends another vibrant pick-me-up to their impressive catalog of pop-friendly electronic soul.

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