Introducing Montreal Indie Collective The Franklin Electric: Rabbit Hole
posted 12 Aug 2022 by Krister Axel
Smart music that explores the generous space between indie folk and upbeat roots rock.

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Since emerging in 2014 with their debut album "This Is How I Let You Down," Montreal indie collective The Franklin Electric have kept busy with relentless touring and a large collection of new releases. They've been around the world and shared the stage with a variety of acts from Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard to Edward Sharpe. 2018 found them as JUNO® Award nominees in the category of "Breakthrough Group of the Year."

"Rabbit Hole" is the title single from their latest 3-song EP, and features a signature combination of lively acoustic guitar, warm, layered vocals, and introspective lyrics. The theme seems to be the constant struggle that we face, as humans, to put the good foot forward and not succumb to the political and social forces that want to reduce us to our lowest form. In just over two minutes, this beautiful track goes by too quickly, and leaves a lot of food for thought in its wake. Although this is the first feature that we've written for The Franklin Electric, their songs have been added a few times already on our playlists for internet radio (March and April).

With smart music that explores the generous space between indie folk and upbeat roots rock, The Franklin Electric has built a reputation for writing substantive and engaging songs that stand the test of time. Their sound is both timeless and modern, and they've earned their spot on the Netwerk roster next to genre legends like The Paper Kites and Radical Face.

Forever seems a long time coming
I don't know where we all will go
Count your blessings
’N watch your demons
Keep your eyes on the rabbit hole

You decided to face the silence
Look inside tell me what you saw
Keep your eyes on the little demons
What you reap is just what you sow

And you can hardly say to me
Or tell was it worth it though
Show me all those painful reasons
You disguised from worlds ago

You decided to face your demons
Look inside tell me what you saw
You never know cause its always changing
Keep your eyes on the rabbit whole

The band's core member is singer and guitarist Jon Matte, with consistent collaborations from Ken Pressé on guitar, Paul Lucyk on bass, and Adam Passalacqua on drums.

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