Chicago Folk Duo Set to Release New LP. - Frances Luke Accord: Saint Mary
posted 31 Dec 2022 by Krister Axel
The music of Frances Luke Accord offers a bridge between a classic era of folk-inspired pop and the current day.

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We've written about Frances Luke Accord twice before (here and here). They are a duo made up of singer-songwriters Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers, who together achieve a soft and contemplative presence that immediately conjures images of a new generation's Simon & Garfunkel. That being said, there is a mesmerizing sense of complexity here that pushes beyond simple vintage-folk comparisons into a modern world informed by Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and many others. The music of Frances Luke Accord offers a bridge between a classic era of folk-inspired pop and the current day.

Gunty and Powers met and began performing together during their time at the University of Notre Dame, and relocated to Chicago in 2013, honing their songwriting craft while self-producing a number of EPs and singles. Still self-managing and producing, the duo is preparing to release their long-awaited sophomore LP, Safe In Sound, on February 9, 2023, via Two-Dale Records and Tone Tree Music.

"Saint Mary" is their latest preview, which was inspired by a cycling accident that nearly cost co-founder Nicholas Gunty his life. This sobering experience offered an opportunity to reflect on the fragility of being human, finding its way into the lyrics of this pensive track. "Saint Mary" represents the best of what this impressive duo brings to any live performance, which is a beautiful, meandering sonic experience peppered with philosophical touch points. The counterpoint between their voices is now legendary, delivering what NPR’s Mountain Stage calls "the definition of lean-in music." We look forward to the release of Frances Luke Accord's new LP, which should easily solidify their status as a goto duo in the world of modern folk.

It took time
To recoup what was taken
Self in remaking
Rethink this life
In my head oh
In our only life cycle
In the blink of an eye I was left
The whole world was ending
But also rebirth
And also pretending
Knowing what life is worth

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