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The Story

CHILLFILTR was built in 2018. More details about that are here. The original value proposition was always this: what if there was a high quality music blog that didn't prioritize profitability over quality?

I have a passion for record keeping, which probably stems from my early experience with databases. With CHILLFILTR, I am creating a permanent record of songs, blog pieces, and prose/poetry. You can think of this web site as a mini Wikipedia, except it is hand-curated, instead of crowd-sourced, and it is laser-focused on art. After 3 platform iterations, we have landed on Craft CMS, and the platform I have built is perfectly scaleable. If we spiked up to 10,000, or even 100,000 page views tomorrow, it would be a non-issue. Every layer of this site is built to industrial strength. Our tech stack was developed from the ground up, by me, for 2 main feature sets: SEO, and mobile-friendliness. This is the great value add that we offer — optimum online presence for your art, and a fantastic mobile experience. That's our thing. And it is my firm belief that in the years and decades to come, CHILLFILTR will emerge as a pioneer in the indie blog space.


So, the question is: how can we work together? If you are a musical artist, just head over to the Submit page. Writers, go to the Write for Us page. If you are a publicist and are reading this, please just submit to us through SubmitHub. If you represent a media or entertainment company and are interested in working together, feel free to send me a message.

Thanks for your interest in CHILLFILTR.


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