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Coffee by the Window

Mortality informs the epiphany of a child.

by Ava Lansley

Comfort in Life’s Indefinite

Love is a blissful state of unknowing.

by Ava Lansley

Forever (6 Letters)

An essay about birds, crosswords, my country's mascot, and what they all have to do with the loss of my grandfather.

by Sofia Amanda Bening


Tells the story of people connecting with each other. Technology is at best a tool for connections, not an end in itself.

by David P Rogers

Spring Song

It's spring - at last it's spring.

by Alan Cohen

Letting Loss In

Once we acknowledge loss, we look for something new to take into our hearts.

by Alan Cohen


Sexual abuse, martial infidelity, and abandonment: some things don't wash off easily.

by Cat Hubka

Holy Mile at Walsingham

A short poetic pilgrimage.

by Sarah Law

An Outrageous Proposal

Octogenarian desire, Scarlatti keyboards, and a Rothko in maroon: how can a young man resist?

by Tim Tomlinson