The CHILLFILTR Review showcases hand-picked short stories, essays, and poems from around the world.

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Awakening occurs in every direction, like the moon becoming pregnant with light.

by Zach Beach

Imagine the Nighttime Sea

A few steps into the jungle and they are gone from our sight, gone from our reach.

by Donna Lee Miele

Helping Ruthie Die

Death from cancer creates more problems than people realize, as Ruthie's case makes abundantly clear.

by Claude Clayton Smith

God is an Atheist

What burdens does our long lost father lay on a cold pillow in front of the night?

by Elisabeth Sharber

Our Year End Prizes and List of Award Submissions

2020. — Every year we send our favorite submissions out for Best of the Net and Pushcart Awards.

by Krister Bjornson Axel

What Lies in the Heart of a Reverie but Rapture?

If you could disappear without consequence into a living dream could you resist, or more importantly, resurface?

by Charlotte A Wynn

Broken Flute Cave

Hototo, last musician of his tribe, plays his flute on his dying day and sees the future.

by Steven R. Southard

In Beautiful Weather

A memorable encounter with a gorgeous fireman transcends the ephemeral.

by Lisa del Rosso

Coffee by the Window

Mortality informs the epiphany of a child.

by A M L