Contest Winner. - Jake Reitz: Stars in the Sky (Acoustic Lofi)
Our first winner of the year started his career making covers of his favorite songs and posting them on YouTube.

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With close to a thousand votes in round 1, Jake Reitz made a strong showing by reaching out to his considerable fan-base and offering up a soothing bit of instrumental groove. "Stars in the Sky" leverages a rhythmic hook on the acoustic guitar against a backdrop of laid-back, electronic beats, and paints a gorgeous sonic picture that brings to mind a peaceful evening sky.

Jake got started as a guitarist on Youtube, making covers of mostly rock songs from the age of 13. A few years ago, he started writing his own songs, and has always been a one man band: producing, performing, and mixing all of his own recordings. His first EP "Rediscovered" was released in early 2020, which paved the way for his first full-length release later that year. Since then, he has released a number of singles that explore the intersection between lofi instrumentals, downtempo vibes, and acoustic-based melody.

We are proud to feature Jake Reitz as the first Fan Favorite winner of our song contest in 2021.

Visit Jake's channel on YouTube.