The First Season of Indie Music on Tap.
posted 10 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
I had a friend once who said you should start a podcast. Then I had another friend once who said I really like your podcast. — listen to all 10 episodes of Indie Music on Tap, Season 1.

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I had a friend once who said you should start a podcast. Then I had another friend once who said I really like your podcast. That was enough for me to get through 16 episodes. Now I make lyric videos, because that seems like a better use of my time. Season 2 of Indie Music On Tap is available now, and will always be available on our Vimeo channel, because I made a video feed for each episode. But the first season was Audio Only, and that's why I made this page. Because we just pulled the podcast out of Spotify and a lot of the usual suspects for streaming podcasts. I realized that the podcast community is not exactly my market - such is life. My numbers didn't grow adequately, but I still stand by the messaging and I will always be proud of this first season of Indie Music On Tap which really helped me find my voice. So here it is now for the sake of historicity, a word I learned in my college class on Taoism.

Find all of the episodes of this podcast here.

Episode 1.

I built a music blog from nothing last year. Less than 12 months later, we are getting up to 200 submissions per week, and we average 2 blog features per day. I have heard so much great music this year that I started showcasing my favorite songs. If you want to be featured on this podcast, please visit here. Today we are talking about how artists are able to define themselves around a song, using the lyrics and the context to create their own sound and personality. We also look at personal dichotomies that can be helpful for anyone to get a handle on some of their own 'mismatch' problems. We discuss the ideas of Malcolm Gladwell, and how some things never go out of style.

We hear songs from:

Phil Good -

Leah Capelle -

Old Nobodaddy -

We want to say thanks to all of the artists who were kind enough to let us hear their songs and put them in the podcast.

Episode 2.

Along with listening to three of my favorite tracks from last year, we will discuss the plight of Federal workers, and explain a little bit about what SubmitHub is and why we love it. We will also talk a little bit about how we shame our children out of being creative, and what is going on with the current explosion of different musical genres.

We heard from: Max García Conover, SAMIA, and Baba Sonya.



Episode 3.

Ask yourself if you define who you are in such a way that someone or something can take it away from you. If the answer is yes you're doing it wrong. Hi, I'm krister Axel and I am here to act like I know something, thanks for joining me. Today we are talking about the fact that corporations don't love you, they just want your money, so we are trying to take back our humanity and later we are going to talk about the third horse and the correlated concept of yes, no, and the third answer which is fuck you and why we are hearing so much of that right now.

Artists in this episode:









The Heart Of --- Sleep Tight

Jack Symes - Cool God


Episode 4.

Hi this is Krister Axel and you are listening to CHILLFILTR: Indie Music on Tap. Today we are going to talk a little bit about what it means to be living inside the algorithm, and what it means that Bernie Sanders is finally in the race; I'll talk about that a little bit later. We're also going to hear a lot of really good Indie Rock. Why did we start with Indie Rock? Well, it's my default genre topic on my Apple news channel, so that's why it is a logical place to start. But to understand the roots of indie rock, you have to go back to essentially the 90s, when there was still this big divide between major labels and everyone else.

The music featured on this episode:

Cathedrals - Jump In

Alex O'aiza - Money

Walking Bicycles - Fat Cat

SYML - The Bird

daysormay - Role Model

Isla June - Knew You When

Mr NO - When I'm Down

Apple News Channel:

Band links:

Alexis-oaiza – Money

Islajune – Knew-you-when

Episode 5.

This is episode 5 of CHILLFILTR:TAP, today we're going to be covering the myth of fully automatic, how we are going to pay for the green new deal, and we're going to put a genre spotlight on folk-pop, which is one of my favorites and brings me back to my teenage years, listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Neil Young, and The Grateful Dead. So that's a direct ancestor to the folk-pop movement that I think is pretty significant today.


Alan Watts - You Will Destroy Yourself, If You Don't Love Yourself

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Band links:

Greg Holden:

Lizi Bailey:


The Western Den: Antifragile_music – Like-you-do-the-western-den

Cliffs & Caves:…ingle/1448207545

Steven Delopoulos:

Josh Tobias: Joshtobias – Follow-the-river-1

Episode 6.

So often you will hear from people, they will ask - am I doing this right? Well the answer that question is yes and no; yes you are doing it right, because there is no way to do anything wrong; but no, you are not doing it right, because you shouldn't be asking the question. So you have two answers, it iss both yes and no. And just like math, when you have two answers, that means you are asking the wrong question. The only real question is: who am I? And the answer to that is now. You are now. Once you understand that, you are taking your first step towards zen.

We hear from:

Shane Leonard - Empire Builder -

The Harmaleighs - Sorry, I'm Busy -

Josh Steinhart - Picture on the Wall -

Jenny Kearn - Slow Burn -…vNRxGl00sj6AeKcg

The King Heat Ensemble - Landslide -

DL Rossi - Good Woman -

Eric Long - Hey Now Baby -

Leah Nobel - Truly Known -

Noah Derksen - What Kind of Love is That -

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Episode 7- part 1.
Episode 7- part 2.

We hear from:

Franke: Kids -
No Coast: Keep Me Running -
Rén with the Mane: Fool For You -
KING GVPSV: Oceans -
Nicholas Roberts and Wild Pines: I Couldn't Tell -
Hazlett: Fireworks -
Small Hours: Forces -
PHIE: Rage -
Gold Spectacles: Courtside -
Kid Bloom: Does It Make Me Wrong? -
Light Wheel: Answers -
Linney: My Love -

All audio used in this podcast was either explicitly released for use in this format by the copyright owner (release on file), or recorded on site at CHILLFILTR studios.


Episode 8.

There's this video going around on the internets, a Rabbi talking about a crab. As the crab grows out of its shell, that's a process by which you have this crab growing, and pushing up against the wall of the existing shell that they're in and then eventually you know that pain is too much to take, so that the crab has to exit and go find another shell. Instead of seeing that as a negative experience, and feeling constricted, turn that sentiment around and have it be about rebirth. That's all well and good if you're a crab and you can just crawl out of your shell. For humans it is not so easy.

We hear from Napkey - Legend:

Henrik von Euler - F-dur:

Kendl - Ella:

Jamie Chambers - This Is Not Me:

imagiro - i woke up and i was happy:

Bhaveek N. Makan - Borivali:

Rob Cawley - Caterpillar:

Junior Knits - Yellowstone Modem:

Episode 9.

Everybody welcome back, this is Krister Axel and you are listening to episode 9 of CHILLFILTR Indie Music on Tap. Our theme this episode is going to be digital rights and privacy, as well as the idea that we also need to support a public commons. We have Soul as the genre spotlight this week and we will be back in two more weeks for the final episode of this season just before my birthday.

FEATURING: Avi Snow: Magic -

Ka-Li: KUDOS -

rum·gold: Get Through -

M'lynn: T.F.I.L. -

Savannah Sgro: Love Me Like You Used To -

Joseph of Mercury: Over and Over -

Gina Brooklyn: Losers -

Other Links:

Episode 10, part 1.
Episode 10, part 2.

He is not the disease - we are the disease. He is the symptom. If we want to get rid of Trump, we have to heal ourselves first. He is a product of our own dysfunction as a body politic. This episode we wrap up the season, announce our topic for season 2, and look at great songs that are all examples of personal transformation, through the power of music.

We hear from:

Elaine Cole: Blame It on the Roses -

White Elephant Orchestra: Revolution Superstar -

Alice Gray: Take Me to the Water -

Carter Jnr: Holding On -

Jerad Finck: Home -

Jamie McDell: Extraordinary Girl -

Ed Patrick: Blow My Cover -

Luca Vasta: Let Him Go -

Thin Lear: Death in a Field -

Krister Axel: Illuminate the Sky - Krister Axel: Illuminate the Sky

All audio used in this podcast was either explicitly released for use in this format by the copyright owner (release on file), or recorded on site at CHILLFILTR studios.

In 2 seasons, we never got ahead of 20 downloads in a single day. But I hope that someone heard the message: which is that we all get to be who we are, and some personality-types enjoy more support than others. But we all deserve to be here.

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