Introspective Indie Folk Explores the Metaphysical. - Alastair Ottesen: Soul In Us
posted 29 Jan 2021 by Krister Axel
We mourn, together, the collective loss of a past that was both naive and precious.

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Alastair Ottesen is a Scottish-American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who writes thoughtful and delicate indie folk music about society and modern life. "Soul In Us" explores the intersection between nostalgia and spiritual awareness, as Ottesen makes room for a conversation about how a search for answers is the shared purpose that connects us all.

With subtle layers of vocal harmony, a prominent acoustic guitar, and a gorgeous arrangement for strings, "Soul In Us" presents an honest and complex example of personal catharsis, making a case for the existence of a human soul that persists beyond the simple confines of terrestrial mortality. Otteson's music is rooted in the traditions of folk, but extends a sense of introspection into the decidedly urban realm of metaphysical ideology. With a music video that stitches together classic, retro-cool images of 20th-century America into a video scrapbook of the bygone postwar era, we mourn, together, the collective loss of a past that was both naive and precious. "Soul In Us" reminds us that death is not the end, and builds a sense of hope around our ability as humans to evolve into a broader sense of compassion for the sanctity of life.

I don't know much for sure
But I know this to be certain
That there is a soul in us
And it can't be lost or broken

This video was made by by Carolin Pook using public domain footage from the Prelinger Archives.

This song was engineered and mixed by Myles Turney, and mastered by Dan Millice.

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