Krister Bjornson Axel

Ashland, Oregon

Paris, France. Madison, Wisconsin. Los Angeles. Ashland, Oregon. Ottawa. I write music, I write about music, and I write code. See also: photography, prose, podcasting. I have 1 gorgeous wife, 2 amazing kids, and many interests.

Recent Awards: 2020 ND (Photo) Honorable Mention, 2020 Accenti Writing Contest Finalist

Read my poetry here.

Collected works are below.
image for Our Year End Prizes and List of Award Submissions
Posted by Krister Bjornson Axel
2020. — Every year we send our favorite submissions out for Best of the Net and Pushcart Awards.
image for Drunk Promises Are Hard to Keep: Beginning is Easy - Finishing is Hard.
Posted by Krister Bjornson Axel
Emotions are simply the clothes that we wear. They are not flesh. On his last day, my father slept, and did not wake up. I heard his lungs fight for air.
image for The Tao of Cézanne: Error is the Natural State of a Complex System.
Posted by Krister Bjornson Axel
The Cézannes of the world bloom late not as a result of some defect in character, or distraction, or lack of ambition, but because the kind of creativity that proceeds through trial and error necessarily takes a long time to come to fruition. (Malcom Gladwell, The New Yorker, October 13, 2008)
image for Durkey? Turkuck? - A Spontaneous Visit to the Wilds of Grants Pass.
Posted by Krister Bjornson Axel
Perhaps it is true that the idea of this world as a great mountain that reaches above the clouds, pinched from subterranean plates of earth and rock, can sustain itself on symbolism alone.
image for Impulsiveness.
Posted by Krister Bjornson Axel
Tomorrow will not remember today, except that we command it to do so. Yet, I have never been one to deify the past. photo credit: Gabriel Gabriel
image for Tell Me How to Feel. - A Note on the Origins of Collective Opinion in the Modern Age.
Posted by Krister Bjornson Axel
I yield the remainder of my time to the youngster who speaks, without irony, for an entire generation. Photo credit: @laimannung