Hello Everyone! Please excuse the mess.
posted 30 Apr 2024 by Krister Axel
We are finally ready to announce that we will be transitioning this site to a new platform over the next few months.

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So much news to share! Hello everyone and thanks for your patience while we migrate to a new platform. Last year there was a security problem with the Craft CMS framework, and that prompted me to move forward with something I've been wanting to do for at least the last year now. This site has been migrated a number of times, and technically this next one will be the fourth time we've had to change platforms and move all the data over. Of course, it gets trickier every time, because there's more data to move. Now we are at a point where there are about 1400 records that need to be moved over. I wrote a script to take care of most of it, but, in the blogging business, you still have to eyeball everything so that's what's taking a bit of time. But the good news is we are almost done. I am about 80% through the migration, at which point we will flip the switch and you will no longer see this site, which was built with Craft CMS and TailwindCSS. The new site is based on the Webflow platform.

Again, thank you for your patience. The cover graphic here is an AI enhanced photo of the lake that sits at the bottom of our driveway. Upstate New York is beautiful, and we love it here, except when we want to order food. That's when we kind of wish we had some options. But I suppose I wouldn't be the cook I am if I wasn't forced to make dinner almost all of the time. :)

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