Gorgeous Chamber Pop Ditty from SoCal. - A.Roc Beta: Right Now
posted 26 Dec 2023 by Krister Axel
Los Angeles-based performer and composer Angel Roché Jr. returns with a Folk-inspired reminder to take life day by day.

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We've written about A.Roc Beta before. He's an old friend of the CHILLFILTR® blog, going all the way back to the late 90s where Angel and Krister were both members of the short-lived indie rock band Revolver, based in Los Angeles & briefly shopped to Elektra by EMI.

Since then, he's kept busy with a number of different musical projects as composer, drummer, instrumentalist, and vocalist. Out this week, his new single "Right Now" is a soothing and heartfelt chamber-pop ballad featuring an acoustic fingerstyle guitar, a tight string arrangement, subtle elements of pedal steel, and an airy vocal presence that brings to mind the understated vibe of someone like Sufjan Stevens, or a chilled-out Sean Beam.

Leaving behind the noise
For something that brings us joy
No troubles inside our minds
There's nothing that we won't try, right now

By blending elements of a Folk ballad with Americana and Country music, while also deftly fleshing out the harmony with an arrangement for strings, A.Roc Beta delivers a poignant and mellifluent exploration of personal space in a modern context. "Right Now" reminds us that we have the power, and perhaps even the responsibility, to be self-advocates in the face of an increasingly chaos-driven lifestyle. The "sweet remedy" of personal stillness is only available to those who understand the importance of setting clear boundaries.

A.Roc Beta offers a clear-minded and optimistic testimony, rooted in classic themes of folk-pop, that the quintessential aspect of life is always the current moment.

We love this song, as a perfect way to set intention for the new year. Enjoy!

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