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posted 21 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
Giving a voice to all the girls that grew up with nothing to belong to, and nowhere to fit in.

Los Angeles indie-rocker EMM channels an urban sense of fearlessness with her new single Cali Boy. She got her start in a small town in Michigan, and moved to Manhattan at a young age, bringing a sharp sense of determination and power to her cinematic blend of electronic and Futurepop flavors.

EMM sets her sights on the future she wants: defending herself and her passion, shoulder-to-shoulder with her Cali Boy - even as she longs for the day that she doesn’t have to fight so hard.

The only reckoning I want is for my sisters

Cali Boy, the latest from electro-pop prodigy EMM, lends a boomy drum sound to the 16th-note shuffle, and continues to create distance between this vibrant hitmaker and the rest of the pack. This follow-up to her previous singles Freedom, 11, and Adderall adds yet another layer to what was already a complex sense of emotional testimony and an exciting career.

We continue to feel solidarity with her mission to give a voice to all the girls just like her that grew up with nothing to belong to, and nowhere to fit in.

EMM’s story is one of relentless passion and dedication in the face of serious hardship. As a classically trained musical prodigy from a tiny Michigan town, she has chased her dream across cities all over the United States; everywhere from the Big Apple to LA. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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