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I wrote this Canzone as part of my senior thesis in Poetry.
Mademoiselle de la Dance

As if we stood nowhere

Time shall breathe

A spell where

Still happens quickly where

Thoughts are so rare

And I don't know where

I put me, once where

Everything is, somehow so

Curious; quiet was so

The place where

I met you


Were a red falling leaf, you

Had veins where

Blood boils hot you

Were red you

Wouldn't let me breathe

And I had you

Dancing, dreaming you

Are so beautiful and rare

It is rare

That I dance but with you

Dancing is so

Easy, I like it so

Like a mad waltz yet so

Simple and you

If love is fast, so

Are you the bullet and so

Am I the flesh where

Pain can be so

Painless, so

Blood-happy I breathe

In, I live and breathe

Still so

I am not unliving, which is rare

Quite rare

When life is rare

Why is this so?

If life is rare

Then you, rare

Precious you

Are as the white doe, rare

Like a soft stone is rare

I want to trace with two fingers where

The air meets your skin, where

The smooth rare

Curve of your throat - your breath

Purrs, you breathe

And the oceans breathe

A dried-up wave is not as rare

As you, my stare crashes breath-

Lessly against you, my breath

Sits waiting so

Quietly. A secret, stolen breath

Waiting to breathe

I cannot but wish of you

Want of you

Waiting to breathe

In a world where

Time stopped counting, where

You lead me everywhere

As you have hidden my breath

Somewhere. A beauty of skill quite rare

And seldomly so

Mademoiselle have you

About the Author


Krister Bjornson Axel

Ogdensburg, New York

Paris, France. Madison, Wisconsin. Los Angeles. Ashland, Oregon. Ottawa. I write music, I write about music, and I write code. See also: photography, prose, podcasting. I have 1 gorgeous wife, 2 amazing kids, and many interests.

Recent Awards: 2020 ND (Photo) Honorable Mention, 2020 Accenti Writing Contest Finalist