Energetic Chamber Pop from Nashville. - K.S. Rhoads: Chess (Music Video)
posted 25 Apr 2020 by Krister Axel
One of the Nashville non-country music scene’s most multi-faceted pioneers offers up captivating vocals and carefully-crafted, complex musical arrangements.

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K.S. Rhoads is a songwriter, composer & producer from Nashville, TN. Rhoads’ music draws on influences from folk, classical, cinematic pop, and rock, while delivering an energetic and orchestral style that is coupled with a thought-provoking and spiritual sense of lyricism.

His vast artistic language has been called "an exhibition in style, grace, and limitless possibilities" by American Songwriter Magazine. The music of K.S. Rhoads has been featured over one hundred times in television shows including Grey's Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Transparent, & Riverdale, as well as in movie trailers for Netflix's The Little Prince, and jOBS. He has created music for a number of commercials including Apple, Coke, Citibank, Zillow, Kettle Chips and many more. In addition to his solo work, Rhoads has written, produced, and performed for an array of artists including Miranda Lambert, Lisa Loeb, Kris Allen, Kacey Musgraves & Natalie Hemby of The Highwomen. As a composer, he has written orchestral music for the Nashville Symphony and the Nashville Ballet, scored the animated series Paranormal Action Squad, and arranged strings for numerous pop/country/Americana artists including Little Big Town and Ashley Monroe. K.S. Rhoads has emerged as one of the Nashville non-country music scene’s most multi-faceted pioneers by offering up captivating vocals and carefully-crafted, complex musical arrangements that bring together brass, choir, and a full chamber string orchestra. For his latest single "Chess," Rhoads describes putting paper towels on the piano strings and hitting file cabinets with mallets to make the beats, simply in order to achieve the desired sound. K.S. Rhoads is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the music in his head to life, in vivid detail and with a flair for natural tones.

Are you the bullet
Or are you the bird?
You're burning a book
And you haven't read a word

K.S. Rhoads is a recipient of ASCAP’s prestigious Sammy Cahn award for lyricism. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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