posted 08 Jun 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
The emergence of a rising star.

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More commonly known by her artist name Kerry-Ann Phoenix, Tameka Swaby is an emerging RnB and Pop artist hailing from Jamaica. Her eclectic multi-national background and international upbringing are a testament to her burning passion for music.

Her fans are quickly growing in number, and she plans to create and release masterpieces in 2022 to satiate them. Music is deeply ingrained in her soul, keeping her up at night and occupying her mind at all hours.

Kerry-Ann Phoenix has an unquenchable thirst to create audio masterpieces, often translating into timeless music. In her youth, Disney's Little Mermaid gave Kerry-Ann Phoenix her first taste for music, which led her to pursue music as a career.

She is highly gifted with instruments as she began inculcating those skills as a child. As a means of expressing her emotions, the pain of losing loved one's fuels Kerry-Ann Phoenix's music.

Kerry-Ann Phoenix creates inspiring life-changing music.

Kerry-Ann Phoenix uses journals to bring her emotions to the surface and then uses these emotions to write highly evocative, captivating songs. Music flows naturally through her, allowing the beats to carry her and her words to flow seamlessly.

In the music of Kerry-Ann Phoenix, people are inspired to discover new things, exercise their imagination, and live life to the fullest.

Her edgy tunes, multiple emotion-infused lyrics, and the British vibe in every track make a big impression on fans. Her cuts have been an inspiration in learning how to persevere and follow your passions while doing whatever it takes to succeed. Enjoy the full Kerry-Ann Phoenix here. Kerry-Ann Phoenix is a Global Brand Advocate of DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami and RADIOPUSHERS.

Written by Jonathan P-Wright

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