Samantha Rice Creates New Lane of Monetization for Music Millennials
posted 02 Dec 2020 by Jonathan P-Wright
Samantha' Patience Jay' Rice continues to create, innovate, and inspire Music Millennials to embrace their greatness.

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Samantha' Patience Jay' Rice's impact in the music industry is well documented and decorated with many corporate accomplishments. Born with a Midas Touch for raw talent, Patience Jay's music business footprint extends from Vermont to New York and beyond. Patience Jay possesses an intuitive gift of human connection. Her capacity to combine vision and instinct creates an unparalleled branding experience for Music Millennials.

Music Millennials search Google every day to pursue knowledge and guidance through shark-infested waters known as the 'music industry.' Over the past five years, Patience Jay has consulted, managed, and developed thousands of digital music ventures.

Large-scale commercial companies such as 'Rolling Papers, Hard Rock Café, HIPHOPSINCE 1987, GWINN Entertainment, and more have experienced the 'Patience Jay' effect.

Connecting powerful sponsors to thriving artists/brands requires a unique bridge of communication charisma, and flawless execution. From start to finish of any project, her chief focus is 100% manifestation of the vision.

In 2020, Patience Jay's career has flourished and spawned organic strategic opportunities with numerous high-energy corporations. In August of 2020, she received a new advanced position with RADIOPUSHERS. Her role elevated to President of Global Partnership and Digital Communication Strategy with RADIOPUSHERS and RADIOPUSHERS TV. RADIOPUSHERS is one of the most advanced digital branding agencies for Music Millennials throughout North America.

RADIOPUSHERS provides human engineered digital branding and monetization solutions for emerging Indie artists. Music Millennials gain access to music executives via phone and face-to-face and build authentic relationships. Samantha 'Patience Jay' Rice continues to create, innovate, and inspire Music Millennials to embrace their greatness.

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RADIOPUSHERS creates digital alliances with emerging artists driven by an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit. The chief focus lies within sparking inspiration and fueling a timeless brand.