XAYWAY becomes Head of YouTube monetization for RADIOPUSHERS
posted 14 Jul 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
Destiny doesn't wait on anyone.

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Chasing destiny is an unfair race in life. Some people enter the race with a handicap, and some are born with the ultimate barrier, the color of their skin. Life doesn't provide a handbook of survival instructions, and adaptability is the key to staying alive.

Feast or famine embodies the essence of jungle rules. Every day a person can change or seal their fate in life. Pushing through life's darkest moments and enduring its deepest pain creates diamonds. XAYWAY was born from the depths of struggle, racism, poverty, and promise.

XAYWAY's life was never created to be an ordinary one. XAYWAY's worth ethic and relentless pursuit of a supreme being are unrivaled.

XAYWAY becomes the Head of YouTube monetization

XAYWAY is one of the most innovative minds in Hip-Hop. Over the past 12 months, XAYWAY has increased RADIOPUSHERS's YouTube subscribers, comments, and shares by over 45%.

XAYWAY's strategic messaging techniques and ultra-creative vision enable him to reach people in a customized format.

RADIOPUSHERS appointed XAYWAY as the Head of YouTube monetization. His contributions have triggered massive consumer growth with RADIOPUSHERS.

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