AllIsWell elevates to another level of RnB in 2022.
posted 12 Jul 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
Protecting your dream runs parallel to destiny.

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The human brain enables people to think, envision, and engineer transformative thoughts. A brainwave is an electrical impulse generated by the brain. A person's behavior, emotions, and thoughts are communicated between neurons in the brain. Dreams provide brain fuel that enables a person to pursue the unconventional path in life.

In order to reach manifestation, a person must protect their dream at all costs. Dreaming is an expensive luxury and can be blinding on the road to greatness. A dream can become a mirage when it's not fulfilled in due time. Major Recording Artist AllIsWell lives life with zero regrets and doesn't have a 'Plan B.' AllisWell, at birth, was blessed with the ability to sing.

AllIsWell understands the difference between dreams and money.

From the depths of his purpose, pain, passion, and creative genius, AllIsWell creates soul-stirring music. AllIsWell's lyrics illuminate the introspection of a mastermind. AllIsWell's brand of music creates an ultra-unique euphoria and provides a distinctive mixture of soul, raw emotions, and life lessons.

Music heals, empowers, educates, and elevates people to upper echelon levels in life. Listening to his runaway radio smash record 'Belong 2', a person can feel an authentic translation of love, life, and personal relationships.

AllIsWell continues to evolve into his purpose and follow God's plan. AllIsWell connected with RADIOPUSHERS in 2022 for global marketing and monetization. 'Belong 2' is one of the most requested songs via digital radio across social media.

Photo provided by: S W🐺 🤲🏽 (@alliswell_2x) • Instagram photos and videos

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