Quinashai Chelette's music takes over POWER 1028 Los Angeles.
posted 12 Jul 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
The journey to greatness never ends.

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Life never prepares a person for everything. Life contains dangerous landmines, dead-ends, snake pits, icy roads of doubt, and mountains of fear. It doesn't matter a person's color, ethnicity, or gender; unforeseen circumstances affect everyone.

Searching for clarity and reassurance is a never-ending cycle. Understanding the sacrifice needed to manifest greatness is incalculable. Possessing a high level of discipline and pain threshold is essential to becoming a supreme being.

Pursuing greatness is a 24/7 position in life. Elevation and innovation are always on the horizon. Quinashai Chelette is a fearless, ultra- passionate trailblazer. Quinashai Chelette beams with transformative inventiveness and soulful energy. Everything about Quinashai Chelette's movement illuminates her God-given calling in life.

Quinashai Chelette voice takes over POWER 102.8 Los Angeles.

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