Dwayne Hooks Webster Blueprint Enhances in 2022
posted 10 Jan 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
Understanding the peaks and valleys of the music game is a never-ending learning curve.

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The Art of Hustling

Dwayne Hooks Webster fully understands the odds of failure in Hip-Hop. Less than 5% of emerging artists "make it out" alive. Understanding the peaks and valleys of the music game is a never-ending learning curve.

Learning who and what to trust is an invaluable skill set. Running in a race where millions of people are striving for the same end goal is indescribable. Pursuing the desires and dreams within our minds is priceless and comes at the highest price in life. Defying the odds and walking the path of uncertainty is built for visionaries.

Dwayne Hooks Webster has no "Plan B."

Dwayne Hooks Webster was birthed from incalculable pain, creative genius, and unconditional love. Navigating through America's one-sided justice system is a rigged hand for African-American men everywhere. Dwayne Hooks Webster's music journey reveals his unorthodox God-given talent and relentless beast-mode mentality.

In 2021, Dwayne Hooks Webster discovered unknown flaws and personal jewels within his DNA. Going into 2022, Dwayne Hooks Webster's vision is redefined and laser-focused on winning Championships in 2022.

Dwayne Hooks Webster locked in with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE in 2021. RADIOPUSHERS delivers incomparable human growth strategies for emerging indie artists.

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