Money Gripp Enters 2022 Redefined and Focused
posted 01 Jan 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
The distance between now and never is incalculable.

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Understanding your purpose in life is priceless.

Facing the storm of doubt is one most people can’t weather. Diving into the eye of the storm and making it out on the other side requires supreme skill. Billions of people suppress, quit, or settle for an undesired lifestyle because of fear. Having the mental strength to see beyond the pain, uncertainty, anxiety, and self-doubt is not easy.

The distance between now and never is incalculable. Understanding your purpose requires a person to dig deep into their soul and answer difficult questions. People who understand their purpose never seek comfort zones in life. They eagerly purpose the path less traveled and never allow shortcuts to derail their final destination.

The Resurgence of Money Gripp

Money Gripp is a complicated and unorthodox musical genius. Money Gripp’s music contains hidden jewels of street knowledge infused with upper echelon lyrics of inspiration. Money Gripp’s life journey centers on Hip-Hop, generational wealth, empowering Generation Z and creating a legacy for his children. Money Gripp’s brand includes multiple businesses and produces several streams of revenue.

Money Gripp understands the “fifteen minutes of fame” that exists in Hip-Hop. Money Gripp is leveraging all aspects of his God-given talent, power, and creative genius to bring his dreams to manifestation.

Money Gripp has “No Plan B” in 2022. His expectations from himself are “all or nothing.” Being from Brooklyn, New York, failure is not an option. Money Gripp has an ongoing digital monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading music monetization firm based in Miami, Florida.

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