WrightWayJay invites the pressure of chasing Hip Hop immortality
posted 29 Jun 2022 by Jonathan P-Wright
Only a tiny percentage of people convert pressure into diamonds.

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Pressure is a privilege to natural-born leaders. The word 'pressure' has multiple definitions; however, its impact hits everyone at full force. Pressure suffocates people's dreams, aspirations, and inner willpower.

The 'invisible bully' pressure hovers over people's lives every day. Understanding the power and impact of pressure enables a person to ascertain their purpose and pain threshold.

Uncertainty and pressure run parallel on the same track in life. Only a tiny percentage of people convert pressure into diamonds. Life doesn't include a survival handbook or insurance policy.

The essence of life is exploration and discovery at its highest level. Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur WrightWayJay was born in the fire and designed with fire-resistant materials.

WrightWayJay defines the meaning of 'risk it all.'

WrightWayJay's life is not designed or created for a 'G' rated audience. Being born and surrounded by drug dealing, corrupt police, death, unconditional family love, and Hip-Hop. WrightWayJay's life was built for rap culture.

Narrating stories of his reality comes naturally to WrightWayJay. His perception of life enables him to be an exceptional storyteller. WrightWayJay's lyrics portray vivid imagery of poverty, pain, passion, frustration, pressure, and love. In 2022, WrightWayJay invites the pressure of chasing Hip-Hop immortality. WrightWayJay owns and operates multiple interactive businesses. He's also a Global Brand Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS.

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