All the Feels For September
posted 13 Oct 2022 by Krister Axel
Fall has always been my favorite season.

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I held back a little to release this playlist just to get in the last of the submissions from September. It's been busy, as the Fall usually is, and I'm impressed by so much of the music coming out as of late. Obviously I don't feature anything that I don't find to be exceptional, so whenever I talk about a few specific artists in these blog posts, it should not be assumed that everything listed here is not of equal caliber. I just like to bring a few artists to the forefront for whatever reason. Also, keep in mind that if you have sent me music that I've written about but is not featured here, very often it is an issue with the resolution of the files you have submitted. I will not add songs to this radio roster if they are below 256kbps, that's just a hard stop for me to keep the sound quality as good as it can be. Finally, it should be noted that I have just upgraded my Live365 account to distribute via TuneIn On Air, so that should do a lot to support our continuous growth as a radio outlet. I'm happy to say that our listener numbers keep going up, with a list of stand-out countries that includes Brazil (which in my mind I seem to alway say as bra-ZHEE-uw), Colombia, France, Germany, Mexico, the United States, and oddly enough, Spain which is way out in front. Keep rocking the CHILLFILTR Radio, my friends. I appreciate you.

I've mentioned him before, but one of my personal faves right now is Lorkin O'Reilly who is back with a new collab with fellow songwriter Melanie MacLaren—their four-song EP Tadpole Emporium is excellent and I will be writing more about it over the weekend. For now, please feel free to head over to SoundCloud and show them some love. Also of note is the Bandcamp 24-hour exclusive 'Liberate Abortion' which we were happy to support, and in doing so have discovered the talents of Bully, Overcoats, and The Neverly Boys, among many others, as well as Pluralone which somehow feels like a delicious mash up between Radiohead and Lou Reed.

Son Little, who we have been following for years—ever since we had to track his song 'The River' down from French retailer FNAC because it was oddly not available on the US market yet—has a brand new album "Like Neptune" that does a great job of painting a full profile of his musical talent. It's one thing to piece together a series of singles from an artist that you love, and it is quite another to have a full album's worth of material available at the same time.

Ever since one of my all-time favorite bands Ollabelle broke up, I have to admit that New York's own The Lone Bellow is filling that niche for me—as they continue to match fantastic songwriting with the kind of complex harmonies that inhabit the bittersweet ground between gospel, soul, and folk-driven rock. They have a new album coming out soon (Love Songs for Losers) and I cannot possibly recommend them enough. If you have any interest in quality music somewhere between Houndmouth, Fleetwood Mac, and Sharon Van Etten, your new favorite has arrived.

And don't forget Ruby Gill, who I just finished writing about here. She just has one of those voices that you never forget, and being such a young talent from Melbourne I expect many more wonderful things from her over the years to come. Enjoy the rest of your October! Here in upstate New York the colors are spectacular. Fall has always been my favorite season.

Thomas Day - Wildflower
Ruby Gill - Your Mum
Ruby Gill
- I'm gonna die with this frown on my face
Lorkin O'Reilly x Melanie MacLaren - Tadpole Emporium (EP) - My Idea
Lorkin O'Reilly x Melanie MacLaren - Tadpole Emporium (EP) - Clearance Aisle
Lorkin O'Reilly x Melanie MacLaren - Tadpole Emporium (EP) - Sleeping With Headphones
Lorkin O'Reilly x Melanie MacLaren - Tadpole Emporium (EP) - King Kong
cln - Endlessly
- kites
Nadia Kamrath
- James
- Oh No
Bike Lane - Out of the Blue
Max Helgemo
- Uncovered
Angela Aux
- Devil Limbo
George Gretton
- Weekdays
Bully - Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All - 36 Labor of Love
Death Cab for Cutie - Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All - 31 Here to Forever (Demo)
Maya Hawke - Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All - 21 Rose and Thorn
Overcoats - Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All - 39 Clingy
Pluralone - Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All - 13 One Voice
The Neverly Boys - Good Music to Ensure Safe Abortion Access to All - 49 Other Side Of Anywhere
Neal Francis - Sentimental Garbage - 01 Very Fine, pts. 1 & 2
Jaguar sun x Husbands - First Time Caller
Atomic Blonde
- Kansas City Sunset
Bree Rusev
- What is Love
Lake Street Dive - Clear a Space
Inara George - Release Me
- In the Leaves
- love you
Search Committee - The Empowerage Of Words
The Lone Bellow - Love Songs for Losers - 01 Honey
The Lone Bellow - Love Songs for Losers - 02 Gold
Arlo Parks - Cola
Nova Rose
- Still Thinking of You
Son Little - Like Neptune - 01 drummer
Son Little - Like Neptune - 02 6 AM
Son Little - Like Neptune - 05 inside out

Featured video: "Release Me" by Inara George, a delicate flower of a song that really showcases her immense talent as both vocalist and songwriter.

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